Foregen is a leading technological-based enterprise, dedicated to the research, development, production and sales of premium-quality, innovative ingredients. Through work with outstanding world-class scientists and technicians, we provide a highly promising solution and commercialization platform that answer the needs of nutrition health, industry, and planet.


As a global company, in order to ensure a stable, safe and efficient distribution, US warehouses were set up. we have own independent subordinate factories, we already established a solid cooperative relationship with many well-known company brands in Europe and USA. High bioactive and strong performance products are highly recognized.


Through work with outstanding world-class scientists team, industry top-tier research & development team, metabolic engineering team, we are highly regarded as expert in new product development. We spent years designing, patenting, researching and testing. Our Innovation and commercialization capability bring great value for our global partners.


Our high-throughput screening, integrative enzyme catalysis technology, precision fermentation production, more than 20 manufacture& efficacy patents and brand intellectual trademarks enable us outstanding and great competitive. More than 80,000 square meters facilities with GMP standards, annual 10,000t production capacity enable us to deliver healthy, sustainable, and affordable and premium product is equipped to partner with you.