Creating and innovating


Thank you for your finding us and a huge opportunity for both of us. With a considerable number of ingredients these years, we made our scientists and technicians work harder than ever before. For those who want innovations, you know efforts are thoroughly deserving.

Our mission is about shaping the future and delivering ideas in your head into ingredients in your hand. For the product and ingredient categories, we were looking for that unique combination of scientific substantiation, commercial success, and game-changing positioning.

This year continues to raise the bar for innovation and dedication to quality science and go-to-market strategy. But it’s not just about our product and ingredient categories, we were also looking for that stand-out start-up and for the best nutrition research. This is also an inspirational initiative for the whole industry. We introduced two products this year: Ergovita® and Smarscle®. we expanded our list of innovations and I would like to express sincere thanks everyone involved in an effort for the industry. We are deeply grateful for your insights, idea, and guidance. We want to make efforts to improve both health and beauty continually.